Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation

"There's More Besides"

September 03, 2022 Aldo B. Martin Season 3 Episode 1
Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation
"There's More Besides"
Show Notes

Season 1 began with a story.  Season 2 began with "the letter".  Season 3 begins with "the book."   The book is called "The Discipling Dilemma" by Dr. Flavil Yeakley, Jr. and it is about the Boston Movement, which would eventually become the International Church of Christ.  The book puts into question the practices of the church from its beginnings.  People join religious groups all of the time; this isn't a new concept.  Some religious organizations are branded with the term "cult" on a frequent basis, thus leading to discussions, disagreements, and arguments about what is a cult and what isn't.  However, what if a religious organization calls for you to change what you are?  What if a religious organization leads one to conclude that their authentic self isn't good enough?  Aldo and Elena discuss these concepts, the book, and more in the season 3 opener.
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