Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation

"Just Do As We Say"

September 21, 2022 Aldo B. Martin Season 3 Episode 6
Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation
"Just Do As We Say"
Show Notes

This is our second and final segment with Gene Vinzant, one of the authors/contributors to "The Discipling Dilemma."   Gene tells us how the Boston Movement reacted to Dr. Yeakleys' study.  One of the most telling statements regarding the impact of the Boston Movement is when the book is quoted as saying  "in the years since this book was written, counselors in virtually every city, where this radical movement exists, are now being flooded with clients who are psychological,  emotional, and spiritual victims of this authoritarian movement."  Although Dr. Yeakley did not want to use the word "cult" to describe the book, it seems that his research lead him to such a conclusion.  Gene even finds a copy of Dr. Yeakleys' own copy of the book, which was full of "notes" and provides some more insigh into to how this book was received at the time of its publishing.  

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