Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation

"Professional Church Builders"

October 12, 2022 Aldo B. Martin Season 3 Episode 13
Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation
"Professional Church Builders"
Show Notes

This is our second and final segment of our conversation with Sherri.   She talks to us about the culture of dating within the organization.  She talks about expectations and restrictions that were placed on people.  Sherri mentions that these restrictions were placed on people in the name of being pure and maintaining purity.  Sherri talks about the notion of church members having to have certain elements of their lives approved by leaders in the organization.  Sherri and her husband were able to create a great life for themselves despite some of these restrictions.  However, Sherri recognizes that this was not the case for some people.  Sherri also shares her thoughts on where things might have gone awry.  

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