Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation

"It Was Work"

October 23, 2022 Aldo B. Martin Season 3 Episode 16
Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation
"It Was Work"
Show Notes

Today we speak with Nick.  Nick joined the organization in 1995 and left around 2020.  During his time with the church he was a teen worker and eventually became a member of the full time ministry.  Being a teen worker with the ICOC, was an exhaustive task.  As a teen worker, one must dedicate the majority of their time and energy to help guide and support the teenage members of the organization.  He also talks to us about his training and expectations as a full time member of the staff.  Nick's experience with the church was filled with a variety of moving parts, much like the experience of many members of the organization.  

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