Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation

Much Unsaid

December 04, 2022 Aldo B. Martin Season 3 Episode 27
Aldo B. Martin Presents: The Reclamation
Much Unsaid
Show Notes

Today we speak with Chris T.  Chris joined the church as a college student in the early 1990s.  He remained a member for the better part of that decade.  He talks about his upbringing and how it played a factor in his joining the church.  Chris talks to us about his personality and how it did not necessarily fit into the culture of the section of the church that he was a part of.  While Chris’ story is unique, there are elements of his experience that are parallel to the experiences of others regardless of time and physical space.  Chris' story is about a man who has had to grapple with much in life.  After many years and much work, he is now in a place where he is able to put words to his experiences and can make sense of it all.

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